Shrewsbury Workers’ Compensation

Shrewsbury is a town located in the Worcester County of Massachusetts named for Shrewsbury, England. Shrewsbury is a suburb of Worcester, about 45 minutes from Boston and 10 minutes to downtown Worcester. It was incorporated in 1727. At the time of 2010 US Census, the population was 35,608, and according to the American Community Survey 5-year estimate, it had grown to 36,114.

Shrewsbury Workers’ Have Rights

In Shrewsbury, many of the 18,475 employed workers are employed in office occupations. Sales and Related occupations employ 2,177 workers, and Office and Administrative Support occupations employ 1,641 workers. These jobs do pose risks to workers, even though many workers do not realize it.

Nationwide, in 2014, Office and administrative support occupations had 81,750 incidents (with an incidence rate of 50.4) of occupational illnesses and injuries that resulted in days away from work, according to a news release by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That number is frighteningly comparable to the number of workplace injuries that occurred in Construction occupations. Despite many employed workers in office occupations believing their jobs to be safe, no one is immune from workplace injuries or illnesses. More importantly, no employer can be without workers’ compensation insurance for their employees.

All Jobs Have Risks, All Workers Have Rights

Regardless of which occupational sector you work in, work-related injuries can happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Not all workplace injuries are as severe as loss of limbs or electric shock; for example, soreness and pain accounted for 197,870 incidents of work injuries that resulted in time away from work in 2014. There were 94,670 reported incidents of Cuts, lacerations, and punctures, and 7,970 reported incidents of Carpal tunnel syndrome.

Of course, it is worth mentioning that all occupations carry the possibility of violence in the workplace. A co-worker, supervisor, or client could injure you (though you may not expect it whatsoever). Nationwide in 2014, there were 73,410 incidents of violence and other injuries by persons or animal, 31,380 of which were intentional injuries by another person. These risks are real, and work-related injuries of any kind can be compensated through the insurance your employer is required to have.

Were You Hurt at Work?

Were you hurt at work while working in an office occupation you thought was safe and risk-free? It does not matter where you work or who was at fault—A workers’ compensation attorney at Keches Law Group can help to get you the benefits you need. No matter what industry you work in or how you were injured, your case deserves attention. A free consultation with a workers’ compensation attorney can help to put your mind at ease. You and your attorney can begin the process of getting your benefits right away; don’t hesitate to call as soon as you are injured.

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