Revere Workers’ Compensation

Revere is a city located in the Suffolk County of Massachusetts, about 5 miles from downtown Boston. The city is named after Paul Revere, the American Revolutionary War patriot. At the time of the 2010 Census, the population was 51,755, and according to the American Community Survey 5-year Estimate, it had grown to 53,258 in 2014.

According to the American Community Survey 5-year Estimates, Revere employs about 27,110 workers in various occupations and fields.Of these workers,

  • about 2,175 are employed in Transportation and Warehousing or Utilities.
  • about 2,041 are employed in Construction occupations, and
  • about 1,742 workers are employed in Manufacturing occupations,

These sectors include jobs such as:

  • carpenters,
  • construction laborers,
  • electrical and electronic equipment assemblers,
  • computer-controlled machine tool operators, metal and plastic;
  • laborers and freight, stock, and material movers;
  • heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers,
  • and taxi drivers and chauffeurs.

These industries are not limited to the occupations listed above—many other jobs are included, and all present risks to the workers within them.

Revere Workers Risk Injuries On The Job

According to a news release by The Bureau Of Labor Statistics in 2014, there were 203,180 incidents [of workplace injuries that resulted in time away from work] in Transportation and Warehousing occupations, 74,460 incidents in Construction occupations, and 125,990 in Manufacturing occupations nationwide that year. Workers in these fields face risks at work every day. Some injuries are due to unavoidable risks and faultless accidents, while others are due to an employer not following OSHA safety protocols. Regardless of who or what causes a workplace injury, workers are entitled to compensation when they are forced to miss work. All of these risks can put workers in danger of illness or injury—or even death.

Were You Hurt At Work?

If you suffered an injury while working and have had to miss time at work to recover, you may have questions about your rights. All workers are entitled to workers’ compensation; regardless of the cause of your injury, workers’ compensation insurance exists in order to assist workers in paying their medical bills for work-related injuries. Your employer is required by law to have workers’ compensation insurance for you. If your employer insists you are not covered or tries to prevent you from seeking benefits, do not hesitate to call a workers’ compensation attorney to assist you in deciding the best course of action.

A Revere Workers’ Compensation Attorney Can Help

Were you hurt while working because your employer violated OSHA standards? First and foremost, to report unsafe working conditions or safety & health violations, contact the OSHA office nearest you. The next step is to contact an attorney who is experienced in fighting for the rights of injured workers. If you have missed work because of an injury that occurred while you were working (or because of your work), you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. Keches Law Group stands behind workers, fights for their rights, and will not stop fighting until you get the compensation you deserve.

If you’ve been hurt at work, contact Keches Law Group to schedule your free consultation with a workers’ compensation attorney. Call us at 617-898-0808, or visit our website and chat with us online. No obligations, no confusion.