Receiving Continuous Medications

The Workers' Compensation statute in Massachusetts allows insurance companies to deny treatment, including medication, and discontinue prescriptions they have been paying for. For that reason, and for the protection of our injured workers, the lawyers at Keches Law Group have a longstanding working relationship with some of the nation's largest pharmacies. Specializing in workers' compensation, just as we do, these pharmacies will work with you and your lawyer, collect payments from the insurance company, and deliver your medications to your front door! The days of driving to your local pharmacy will be behind you, after taking a few short minutes to sign up for these services.

Most importantly, once you become a patient, the pharmacy will ensure that you receive your medication even in the event that the insurance company denies it, or no longer pays. You will continue to receive the door to door service throughout litigation.

Please see below a list pharmacies that offer the above mentioned services.