Lowell Workers’ Compensation

Lowell is the fourth largest city in Massachusetts, located in the Middlesex County. It was founded in the 1820s, and by the 1850s, Lowell had the largest industrial complex in the United States. Cotton harvested and produced in the South was sent to Lowell to be woven into textiles. By 1860, the number of cotton spindles in Lowell outnumbered the total in the entirety of what would become the Confederacy. Today, the mills that remain are preserved by the Lowell National Historical Park, and are open to the public.

The 2010 United States Census reported that the population of Lowell was 106,519, and according to the 2010-2014 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimate, it had grown to approximately 108,491 by 2014. There are 118,980 employed workers in Lowell and the surrounding cities and towns in Massachusetts. Some of the largest occupational sectors include Sales and Related Occupations, accounting for 10,720 employed workers, and Office and Administrative Support Occupations, with 17,300 employed workers.

However, many more dangerous occupational sectors employ a significant number of Lowell residents, as well. 9,670 workers in Lowell and the surrounding towns and cities in Massachusetts are employed in Food Preparation and Serving Related Occupations. Jobs in this occupational sector account for 81.230 per 100 jobs in the area. Jobs include:

  • Servers (waiters and waitresses)
  • Cooks and chefs
  • Food preparation workers
  • Restaurant hosts and attendants
Lowell Workers’ May Be At Risk

The Bureau of Labor Statistics released a report in 2014 on occupational injuries and illnesses that resulted in days away from work; Food preparation and serving related occupations had 76,450 incidents in 2014, with an incidence rate of 96.9. Food preparation workers had 17,050 incidents, and cooks had 9,290. Each incident resulted in the affected individual missing work and, therefore, missing out on pay. As you can imagine, missing pay from work can cause extreme stress. Add on the stress of attending medical appointments and attempting to recover from the injuries that made you miss work in the first place. All workers are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits under the insurance policy their employer is required by law to have.

Were You Hurt At Work?

Jobs in this sector put workers at risk on a daily basis. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, overexertion and bodily reaction was the most common cause of injury in the workplace, with 384,260 cases accounting for 33% of total cases. The 2014 incidence rate for overexertion or bodily reaction was 35.6 cases per 10,000 full-time workers. Falls, slips, and/or trips accounted for an additional 27 percent of the total in 2014, with 316,650 injuries that resulted in time away from work at an incidence rate of 29.3. These injuries can happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime, and any injury that affects your ability to perform the duties required of you can, therefore, cause you to miss work.

A Lowell Workers’ Compensation Attorney Can Help You

Did you suffer an injury on the job that has caused you to miss time at work? If so, you may need a workers’ compensation attorney to help you file a claim and get you the care and compensation you deserve. You may have extensive medical bills on top of your other monetary obligations, and you may be worried about your finances. A free consultation with a workers’ compensation attorney can put your mind at ease, and you can begin the process of getting your benefits right away.

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