Braintree Workers’ Compensation

Braintree is a city in Norfolk County, Massachusetts, named after Braintree, Essex in England. Braintree is officially a town, but in 2008, a municipal charter was adopted; it has a mayor-council form of government and is considered a city under Massachusetts law. The population was 35,744 at the 2010 census, and according to estimates by the US Census Bureau, grew to 37,362 in 2014. Braintree is only ten miles from Boston, and has access to the MBTA Red Line. Braintree is a member of the Metropolitan Area Planning Commission's South Shore Coalition.

Braintree and the surrounding towns and cities in Massachusetts employ 2,587,770 workers. Of those workers, many are in Office and Administrative Support Occupations (380,890), and many others are in Sales and Related Occupations (258,050) and Management Occupations (195,900). However, not all Braintree workers are working behind a desk all day; Food Preparation and Serving Related Occupations are also a major sector in Braintree and the surrounding area, with approximately 214,380 workers employed. Occupations in this sector include:

  • Servers (waiters and waitresses)
  • Cooks and chefs
  • Food preparation workers
  • Restaurant hosts and attendants
  • Food servers (non-restaurant)
Braintree Workers’ May Be At Risk

The Bureau of Labor Statistics released a report in 2014 on occupational injuries and illnesses that resulted in days away from work; In 2014, there were 6,450 incidents in (with an incidence rate of 96.9) that resulted in employees in food preparation and serving related occupations to miss work. Lost time at work means less money, and workers are forced to wonder how they will pay their medical bills on top of their other financial obligations.

Were You Hurt At Work?

Jobs in the food preparation and serving related occupational sector put employees at risk while they’re at work. There are many causes of injury and illness at work, and many of the most common causes are due to risks present in workplaces like restaurants, bars, and food courts. According to a news release by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, overexertion and bodily reaction was the most common cause of injury in the workplace in 2014, with 384,260 cases accounting for 33% of total cases. The 2014 incidence rate for overexertion or bodily reaction was 35.6 cases per 10,000 full-time workers. Falls, slips, and/or trips accounted for an additional 27 percent of the total in 2014, with 316,650 injuries that resulted in time away from work at an incidence rate of 29.3. Any and all of these injuries could cause you to miss work and, therefore, miss out on pay.

A Braintree Workers’ Compensation Attorney Can Help

Did you slip and fall, overexert yourself, or otherwise get injured at work? If so, you may need a workers’ compensation attorney to help and get you the care and compensation you deserve. You may have extensive medical bills on top of your other monetary obligations, and you may be worried about your finances. A free consultation with a workers’ compensation attorney can put your mind at ease, and you can begin the process of getting your benefits right away.

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